Jadah created an Instagram account to keep in touch with her long lost school friends and immediately had strangers from all over the world logged in to watch her carefree and at times, comical personality.

In January 2013, Jadah launched her YouTube channel to inspire girls all over the world on how to be confident in their own skin and to be themselves, all while looking gorgeous inside and out.

Her very first video had almost 300,000 views within a short space of time - the world got a taste of Jadah, and couldn’t get enough! Fifty videos and one year later, Jadah has gained over 300,000 YouTube subscribers who love her and are always craving more. She has close to 1 million Instagram subscribers cheering on her every move, and her snapchat is growing at an increasing rate (LifeOfJadahDoll), probably because of the candid ‘behind the scenes’ and everyday real-time footage.

Fast forward to 2016, Jadah Doll is has launched her very own brand JADAH. New items dropped monthly, so keep up to date and follow all the excitement here!

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